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Covenant Expectations for Thriving Together


Congregations want to support their pastors, but don’t always know how. Pastors love their congregations, but they don’t know what to ask of them to garner support. Everyone wants to thrive together.


On September 7 and 8, Dr. David Keck, best-selling author of Healthy Churches, Faithful Pastors: Covenant Expectations for Thriving Togetherwill provide training designed to help pastors and congregations bridge communication gaps and set mutual goals and expectations.


On Wednesday evening from 7-8:30, Dr. Keck will lay out the vision and purpose of his process for church vitality. On Thursday morning from 9-noon, he will guide us through an exercise, so we will be better equipped to bring it back to our churches. Join us for these clear and engaging sessions at Portage Chapel Hill UMC.


Further training and conversation will continue on October 13 from 9-noon at Stevensville UMC and November 10 from 9-noon at Lawton St. Paul's UMC.


All appointed District Clergy are expected to attend. Laity and others that are interested are welcome and encouraged to attend.





David Keck, Ph.D. is the Chaplain of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and an ordained Presbyterian minister. He has pastored churches in addition to serving as a chaplain and taught history, theology, and pastoral care. Dr. Keck earned his master’s degree and doctorate from Harvard University and his master of divinity from Duke Divinity School.