Lay Servant Ministries


Lay Servant Ministries is a leadership development program in The United Methodist Church focused on equipping and empowering laypersons who have responded to the call of God to serve in mission and ministry. The District Lay Servant Ministries Committee congratulates the following people who have met the requirements and are certified for 2017:


Certified Lay Servants
Connor Bailey
Ellen Bierlein
Michele Bowen
Annette Crandall
Rhonda Griffin
Gail Hill
Ashlei Horn
Wynne Hurlbut
Basil Kidwell
Joyce Kruithoff

Tonya Murphy
Delores Pulver
Rhonda Ramsey
Beverly Strong
Doug Tipken
Craig Van Beek
Lona Vogie


Certified Lay Speakers
Ellen Bierlein

Linda Dunn

Certified Lay Ministers
Ellen Bierlein
Patricia Bird
Steve Beukema
BumKi Cho
Jon Clark
Linda Depta
Wynne Hurlbut
Kevin Kahmark
Simmie Proctor
Doug Tipken
Marcia Tucker
Craig Van Beek
Don Weaver


If you are interested in Lay Servant Ministries or have any questions, please contact Doug Tipken, District Director of Lay Servant Ministries.